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Recruitment Consultants Isle of Man Alternative – August 2019

We believe at ATIOM Corporate Consultants that we have an true alternative to recruitment consultants in the Isle of Man.

Are you looking to fill a gap in your finance team? In these austere times, recruitment consultants offer little value in regards to getting your finance job completed. You meet recruitment consultants for them to understand what you are looking for, they then try to sell you clients they have on their books for which have the skills sets you are looking for. You then meet those candidates to find out they don’t have the skills sets nor experience and so have to meet more candidates. You eventually find the correct candidate who takes up the role but unfortunately leave prior to getting the job done as has found another job that pays more. You struggle to understand why as you are paying a lot of money for their services but realise that the recruitment consultants are taking their healthy margins, and so you are left with a large bill, an incomplete job and back to stage 1. Also the retained knowledge has gone with the candidate.

ATIOM Corporate Consultants Limited can solve all the above and simply add more value by cutting out the middle man. We have the skills to get your finance job completed and so you benefit by talking to us directly. We will be there to complete the job required. Also should another issue arise in your company, as we have retained knowledge of your business you aren’t starting at Stage 1 again, and will literally be able to commence the next assignment straight away (subject to contract), so you can focus on your job knowing your issues are being dealt with.

ATIOM specialises in in-house accountancy and finance support/consultancy to business owners, senior management and their finance teams and would welcome the opportunity to help your business. We focus solely on added value services to corporates. Click on the “Contact us” to arrange to find out how we are different.

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